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Who we are
Thrillbites.com was started by DIY-enthusiasts just like you, we love to get hands on and are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Whether it be painting your walls, upgrading your bathroom, furnishing your living room, planting your garden, decorating your bedroom, upcycling or remodeling your kitchen cabinets.

For those of us looking for something a little bit different, unique or are just looking to add a personal touch. That is where we come in- a community that loves to share, inspire and support each other.

What we do
At Thrillbites.com we aim to provide an array of DIY home d├ęcor, crafts and projects including awesome food recipes and life hacks. Thrillbites is about inspiring DIY enthusiasts to bring out their creative sides, to make their own things which are often cheaper than mass produced products with no personality.

We love to inspire by sharing the most amazing DIY ideas from around the world that our readers will enjoy. We spend countless hours browsing the internet for interesting and unique projects, there are thousands of project ideas out there but we only share the best and most amazing ideas you could find.

Focused on DIY projects around the house, we view our employees and readers as a community with shared interests. Our goal is to become a recognizable brand in the DIY world and the place to go to, for all your DIY needs.

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